It’s fun, safe for beginners and affordable! You will enjoy full speed in wind and waves getting high performance. Try it and see first-hand what makes it incomparable: its logical high-tech concept, its superior speed and its fascinating qualities on the wind. We are absolutely sure that your opinion will be: it is outstanding!
If you are a beginner or you want to improve your performances while sailing a catamaran, a team of experienced instructors will offer you different courses with international certifications

Get ready to embark on a new adventure of Catamaran sailing on the beautiful blue waters of the Red Sea.

At Giftun Soul Surfer & Magawish Resort we've 14ft Top Cat and 16ft Hobie Cat catamarans and at FBC Arabia Azur we've 16ft Hobie Cat catamaran.

  Hobie Cat Top Cat
5 Hours 150€ 120€
10 Hours 220€ 190€
15 Hours 290€    260€   

Beginner course 3h 120€
Basic course 6h 190€
Intensive course 10h   295€ 

International catamaran sailing certification 45€

Also enjoy with FSI:
With our fully qualified, professional and not forgetting very friendly instructors, we have successfully taught many children and young teens ...
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